Greetings! October is here and soon the pumpkin spice memes will begin to populate your electronic devices. 


I finally completed the formatting to publish paperback versions of Dictates of the Servators through Ingram Spark. Ingram is a huge distributor and the series will be part of the database used by book stores and libraries worldwide. It should soon be available to order from Barnes & Noble, Chapters/Indigo, Walmart, Waterstone, Booktopia and more. That gives me some versatility beyond Amazon’s exclusivity requirements (for the print market anyway). Maybe one day I’ll find one of the books in my local library. That would be kind of cool.

The novella is coming along nicely. It’s three quarters of the way to completion. I just need to clear some time for the final push and then the editing can begin (ugh). Having your own words thrown back at you over and over again is a pretty humbling experience.

Did you know?

Sometimes you learn interesting things while researching a novel. Here are a few conversions for increments used in Dictates of the Servators:



You probably didn't fret over those details while reading the novels, but now you'll have an interesting answer the next time you're asked for your height.

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On that note, I wish you well. Until next time,

Kallen Samuels