Greetings from the wintry north. Ugh, we've had some -22 C days up here (approx. -8 F) and I'm tired of shovelling snow. I don't suppose any of you who are living in warmer climes would consider adopting me for the winter? Seriously, the lunatic squirrel in my yard didn't show his furry little face for the last three days. If it's too cold for a nut job like that, I don't need a thermometer to tell me to stay indoors.

Having made my complaints about the weather, I'm hoping for something to celebrate with this newsletter. Some of you (particularly iPhone users) have noted that images are not displaying in my email. I finally discovered a mysterious setting in the server software that I think should fix the problem. I am hoping that you will all be able to see this newsletter as it was intended, from now on.

Call for Advance Readers

The time has come. I need advance readers for the Grasping at Gravity novella. I'm looking for people who are able (and willing) to post reviews on Amazon when the book goes live, but I will also consider Goodreads reviews. I'm not in a rush to publish, so readers will have several weeks to complete the book. The novella comes in at around 42,000 words so it's slightly less than half the length of a regular novel.

If you are interested, Please fill out the - Advance reader participant form. If you have problems with theĀ  form, you can email your interest directly to

Grasping at Gravity takes place in the States of Inversion universe I've been building for my new series. The novella is set in a remote and isolated corner of the world for this series, so it stands on it's own, but will give a glimpse into the possibilities of this new universe.


With the Novella complete. I've been working away at the first full-length novel for the series. I'm a third of the way through, and when I'm done, advance readers who enjoyed the novella will have an opportunity to read this next work as well.

The new series delves deeper into the politics, technologies and strife of a world divided by a catastrophic gravitational shift that affects 1/3 of the population. The series has a touch of steampunk, a consequence of the devastation having set civilisation back a bit. The catastrophe took place 500 years in the past. Since then, the world has reinvented itself under a different set of physical laws. It's a world filled with unique international conflicts that arise when people are forced to adapt, forging new paths and alliances. Interesting forms of transportation and technology have developed to deal with a new reality. I think you'll like it.

That's about all I have to share at the moment. As always, if you have any questions. You can email me at

On that note, I wish you well. Until next time,

Kallen Samuels